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An introduction to our plants

We want to make a living but alongside that we want to contribute to the Welsh economy and show the world that the best product can be a Welsh grown product. We have consistently increased our production by 20% per year for the last five years. We are still a small business though. We expect to supply retailers right across Wales in 2018 but we don't necessarily expect to be your exclusive supplier. You will already have suppliers of herbs and alpines but we want you to give our high-quality Welsh plants a try. If you would like to see our plants please email your details to We will be glad to arrange a visit.


Ajuga Braunherz
Ajuga Burgundy glow
Ajuga multicolour
Arabis ferd Corb Old gold
Armeria Dusseldorf pride
Armeria juniperifolius
Armeria Maritima splendens
Aubretia Hamburg stadtpark
Aubretia Royal red
Aubretia Royal Violet
Campanula EH FRost
Campanula Mrs Resholt
Campanular Stella
Cerastium tormentosa
Corydalis pere david
Cotula Lineariloba
Penstemon pinifolius
Penstemon pinifolius mersea yellow
Delosperma Nubigensis
Delosperma Table mountain
Dianthus Dinetta
Dianthus Fusilier
Dianthus Insriach Dazzler
Dianthus little jock
Dianthus Pikes pink
Dianthus Prince charming
Dianthus Warden hybrid
Dianthus Whatfield wisp
Echivera Elegans
Erodium Reichardii Alba
Erodium Reichardii Bishops form
Erodium Reichardii flora plena
Euphorbia cyparrisus Fens Ruby
Gypsophila repens Dorothy Treacher
Helianthemum Ben Fahda
Helianthemum Henfield brilliant
Houstonia Millards variety
Iris Setosa
Isotoma fairy carpet

Jovibaba Allonii
Lithodora heavenly blue
Morisia Monanthos
Penstemon pinifolius
Penstemon pinifolius mersea yellow
Phlox Douglasii Boothmans variety
Phlox Douglasii Crackerjack
Phlox Douglasii Kellys eye
Phlox Douglasii red admiral
Phlox Douglasii white
Phlox Subulata Amazing grace
Phlox Subulata Bavaria
Phlox Subulata Emerald Cushion
Phlox Subulata McDaniels cushion
Phlox subulata Purple beauty
Phlox Tycoon
Potentilla Aurea nana
Pratia County park
Pratia Pecunculata
Rhodohypoxis Delflexa
Rhodohypoxis Hebron Farm pink
Rhodohypoxis Milloides Claret
Rhodohypoxix Harlequin
Saxifraga Appleblossom
Saxifraga Gaiety
Saxifraga Knapton Pink
Saxifraga Mossy Fleece
Saxifraga Pearly King
Saxifraga Peter Pan
Saxifraga White pixie
Saxifraga Winston Churchill
Scleranthus Biflorus
Sedum Acre Aureum
Sedum Bertram Anderson
Sedum Coca Cola
Sedum Coral Carpet
Sedum origanum
Sedum Rose carpet
Sedum Spathulifolium Cappa Blanca

edum Spathulifolium Purpurium
Sedum spurium Purpureum
Sedum vera Jameson
Sempervivim Arachnoideum
Sempervivum Blood tips
Sempervivum Bronco
Sempervivum Carmen
Sempervivum Commander Hay
Sempervivum Fiery Furnace
Sempervivum Hester
Sempervivum Hurricane
Sempervivum Kramers spinrad
Sempervivum Merlin
Sempervivum Mrs Guiseppe
Sempervivum Nouveau Pastel
Sempervivum Oddity
Sempervivum Pekinese
Sempervivum Reinhard
Sempervivum Rosie
Sempervivum Silberspitz
Sempervivum Sir William Lawrence
Sempervivum springmist
Sempervivum starshine
Sempervivum Woolcotts Variety
Silene Druetts variegata
Sisyrichium Macounii Alba
Sisyrichium Rocky point
Sisyrinchium Biscuitella
Sisyrinchium EK Balls
Thymus coccineus
Thymus Doone valley
Thymus ElfinThymus Goldstream
Thymus pink ripple
Thymus serphyllum purple
Thymus Russetings
Veronica Georgia blue


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