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Grown in Wales

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Grown in Wales


We We first set up a nursery in Cardigan in 1989. We supplied many of the big wholesale nurseries with young plants but only began supplying the local retail trade with herbs and alpines in 2007. This was a response to the growing desire for Welsh grown produce in Supermarkets and local shops.

Garden centres were almost entirely stocked with plants from outside of  Wales and often outside of the UK. With growing concerns over air miles and exotic plant diseases and a general wish to buy more locally we thought that we had something different to offer.

We currently produce every plant that we grow from scratch on our nursery in Cardigan. This means that we are able to produce many varieties that are not available to the majority of nurseries that buy in their plugs from the same foreign suppliers. The range is carefully selected to create impact on your benches throughout the season and is growing larger every year.

Grown to the highest quality


Charles Warner has spent his entire career growing nursery stock including 28 years self employed growing and selling plants to top  retailers and plant producers in the UK. We have created what we consider is the best product of its type available to plant retailers in Wales. Every aspect, from the extra large pot size, the bespoke Welsh themed labels and the exclusive range grown entirely on our Welsh nursery is designed to create greater impact on the garden centre bench and create faster stock turn of your alpines and herbs.


Growing all our own plants from our own cutting material enables us to grow varieties that are rarely available to main stream plant retailers and are an opportunity for independent Welsh retailers to differentiate themselves from the large chain stores.



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Grown without the use of peat and chemical pesticides


We turned to a peat-free compost because our supplier, Melcourt, had a great product and excellent customer service. Later we learned more about how precious peat bog habitats are through a local project to restore Welsh peat bogs: an increasingly scarce habitat, home to specialised plants and wildlife, and which stores water and carbon. Peat-free is another point of difference which you can draw to the attention of your discerning customers. It was easy to replace the small number of chemical pesticides that we once used with bio-insecticides but, unlike most wholesale nurseries, we grow 100% of our plants from scratch on our nursery. This has taken time to get right and ten years on we now have a great range of plants - one that is not only exclusive to us but one where we are able to advertise our plants as chemical pesticide free throughout the production cycle. With growing awareness about the use of pesticides in our food chain and ornamental plants and their adverse effect on our natural environment we are one of a very few wholesale plant producers that can say that our plants are 100% peat and chemical pesticide free. This is another point of difference that you can tell your customers.



We currently deliver all our finished plants using our own transport. This enables us to create viable delivery  routes without requiring large minimum orders.

This is particularly useful for smaller retailers as it enables stock to stay fresh. All we ask is that customers understand that our drivers need to make deliveries as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why is Quinky special?


We are Quinky Young Plants. We are producers of high quality finished alpine plants and herbs for sale to garden centres and plant retailers across Wales and the border regions. We also produce an exclusive range of mostly vegetatively propagated young plants for sale to nurseries across the UK. 


Here are just a few things that make us special...

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